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Design & Creative Direction
rand Experience Environments

Retail, Event, Exhibition, Pop Up, Workspace, Hospitality

Pete Kong


brands content
first, concept.
then, design.


A London-based designer with an unwavering passion for pushing boundaries that draws inspiration from the greatest minds in the industry, Pete is the driving force behind brand immersive and environment-human-centric experiences.

Step into his world, where architecture is not just about structures, but an intricate dance of emotions and storytelling. His architectural philosophies transcend mere blueprints, weaving narratives into spaces that transport you to a realm of wonder and excitement.

So, if you're searching for a creative design director who will take your brand on a transformative journey, look no further than Pete. With his visionary approach, strategic brilliance, and passion for sustainability, he’ll create an immersive wonderland for your brand that sparks a brighter, more captivating tomorrow.


what people say

"Highly creative, technically proficient, articulate and able to bring to life any creative vision to the highest quality and under extreme pressure"

Paulo Pimental

Experiential Creative Director



Over the past decade, Pete has had the privilege of immersing himself in the dynamic world of design, spearheading award-winning projects, and clinching victorious pitches for both global brand agencies and independent institutions.


Through his journey, he has honed his craft as a creative visionary, utilising his expertise to convey complex ideas into tangible, captivating designs.  The thrill of transforming concepts into reality and witnessing the impact they create has been the driving force behind his unwavering passion for design.


Collaborating with diverse teams and embracing new challenges, he has developed an instinct for capturing the essence of brands and transforming them into unforgettable experiences.


Each project has been an adventure, pushing the boundaries of creativity and leaving an indelible mark on the brands and audiences he's had the pleasure of working with.

"Design transcends the mere physical; it's the art of sculpting immersive encounters that awaken the imagination and weave individuals into the narrative of architecture."


Pete Kong



Pete, the quintessential independent consultant, offers a bespoke array of design services that craft brand experiences across every channel imaginable – from captivating retail spaces and awe-inspiring interiors to innovative architecture, unforgettable events, immersive exhibitions, and captivating installation art.


With a masterful touch, Pete seamlessly weaves creativity and strategy together, ensuring that each project is a unique and captivating journey that resonates deeply with audiences.


Whether it's transforming physical spaces or curating engaging events, Pete's design expertise leaves an enduring impression on brands and their audiences alike.


  • Pete embraces the challenge of diverse briefs and delivers not just solutions but insightful strategies and approaches that prioritize human-centred engagement.

  • Whether working seamlessly with cross-functional teams or collaborating as a valued partner, from marketing executives to researchers and production managers, he brings a harmonious blend of expertise to the table.

  • As a leader, Pete sets an example, guiding the way towards success, or as the missing piece of the puzzle, he completes the picture, helping you reach your goals with unmatched dedication and creativity.

  • Together, they'll create experiences that leave a lasting impact and forge meaningful connections with your audience.

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