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Pete Kong


first, concept.
then, design.


Pete is a freelance specialist, an artist, a storyteller, who is adept at aligning and bringing to life the brand's core philosophies through architecture, strategic thinking and immersive technologies.

When he isn't 'working' Pete is busy doing the school run or changing the tenth nappy. He's a doting dad adding to his sneaker and hat collection, a Japanese food-lover with a potted plant in one hand, and a camera in the other, based in London for now.

what people say

"Highly creative, technically proficient, articulate and able to bring to life any creative vision to the highest quality and under extreme pressure"

Paulo Pimental

Experiential Creative Director



Pete has over ten years of industry experience, working on award-winning projects and winning major pitches for global brand agencies such as Imagination, Jack Morton and George P Johnson, as well as working with independent institutions in conveying their ideas.

truth is
a big concept.


As an independent consultant, Pete provides tailored design services that create brand experiences spanning from every channel – retail, interiors, architecture, events, exhibitions, installation art and more...


  • Take on briefs and provide insightful strategies & approaches for human-centered engagement.

  • Work seamlessly or partner with multi-disciplinaries, from marketing executives, researchers to production managers.

  • Lead by example or be the missing piece in the puzzle in reaching your goal.

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