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In the world of cutting-edge financial innovation and connected commerce, Money 20/20 stands as a pivotal gathering, uniting luminaries from mobile technology, retail, marketing services, data, and technology. It is a grand stage where ideas are sown, and networks flourish. Amidst this dynamic symposium, Visa emerges as a formidable presence, adding its distinctive voice to the conversation.

The Challenge:


In the initial stages, Visa's involvement presented itself as a pitch—a challenge that, when conquered, promised immense gratification. The demands were further amplified by constraints of time and resources. Nestled within an industrial space, the project beckoned for a design harmonising seamlessly with its rugged surroundings.

The Solution:


Enter the Visa Social House — a testament to the power of ingenuity and adaptability. This bespoke creation breathed life into fresh avenues for connection, collaboration, and engagement, weaving a network of tangible, real-life narratives. Its allure lies in its universal appeal, catering to a diverse array of partners and visitors.

To echo the industrial ambience, raw plywood, grey felt, stained wood, and exposed light fixtures were strategically employed, aligning the space with its environs with effortless grace.

The Results:


The 2019 Money 20/20 event bore witness to the transformation of Visa's exhibit into the very pulse of the gathering. It became the epicentre where delegates converged, mingled, broadened their horizons, and forged connections between clients and prospects. Each corner promised delightful surprises, casting a spell that brought Visa's enchanting narrative to life.

In the realm of financial innovation, where ingenuity meets the industrial, Visa's Social House not only embraced the challenges but also emerged as a beacon of innovation, seamlessly melding with its surroundings, and captivating all who stepped into its world.

Role – 3D Lead Creative

Graphic Design – Ahmed Abokor

Agency – Wonder

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