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In the realm of corporate philanthropy and regional resonance, Statoil shines as a beacon, taking centre stage as the principal partner of a race that transcends boundaries, drawing a captivated audience from across the Nordic region and beyond. Through this partnership, Statoil's reputation as an instigator of inspiration and an advocate for skill-building and learning has reached new heights.

The Challenge:


But the backdrop against which this transformative journey unfolded posed its own formidable challenge—a locale perched at the northernmost tip of Europe, the enigmatic Tromso, Norway. To further complicate matters, the design of this endeavour demanded not only innovation but also portability that could transcend geographical confines.

The Solution:


With ingenuity and precision, a design mechanism was meticulously crafted, transforming into a compact, tourable structure that unveiled immersive experiences. The canopy, unfurling gracefully, owed its structural integrity to a web of tension points, culminating in a connecting architecture that was not only visually striking but also weather-resistant, standing as a testament to engineering finesse.

The meticulous deployment of a peg system ushered in an element of versatility, seamlessly accommodating the display of apparel and print/signage, while accents of Statoil's secondary brand colour, magenta, made sporadic appearances throughout the space, creating moments of visual intrigue—behind peg holes, a subtle touch that added depth to the design.

In the picturesque canvas of Tromso, Statoil's foray into this venture emerges as a transcendent fusion of architectural prowess and branding finesse. It not only embodies the essence of corporate responsibility but also stands as a testament to innovation that defies geographic limitations, ushering in a new era of immersive experiences and visual delight.

Role – 3D Lead Creative

Graphic Design – Chris Pullinger

Agency – George P Johnson

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