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skoda wdc.

Skoda World Dealership Conference: A Vision of Unparalleled Excellence

The Skoda World Dealership Conference is an exclusive two-day extravaganza, meticulously curated for discerning customers every year. This event is a symphony of secret drive experiences, enlightening keynote plenary sessions, captivating evening entertainment, and hospitality that sets a new standard in luxury.

A Triumph in Creative Development

The journey began with a monumental challenge — securing the coveted Skoda WDC 2020 project in the face of fierce competition from Europe's top agencies. Against all odds, the pitch emerged victorious, heralding months of relentless dedication to bringing the vision to life.

The Unforeseen Hurdle

As the project neared completion, the unforeseen spectre of the Covid-19 pandemic cast a shadow of uncertainty. In a heartbreaking turn of events, the event was abruptly cancelled at the eleventh hour, leaving 50,000 square meters of meticulously crafted experiences unfulfilled.

While the world may never witness the grandeur of Skoda WDC 2020, its legacy lives on as a testament to the tireless pursuit of excellence and innovation in automotive events.

Role – 3D Creative Lead

Creative Director – David Crease

Graphic Design – Tom Maxwell

Agency – Wonder

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