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shell pavilions.

Shell Pavilions: Where Innovation and Experience Converge

Nestled within the vibrant atmosphere of Make the Future, London, the Shell Pavilions stand as contemporary architectural marvels.

Each year, since their debut in 2016, these pavilions have captivated visitors with their ever-evolving and multifaceted design, offering an array of immersive spaces. From art galleries to inviting cafes and communal hubs to interactive football experiences, these structures have become a cherished part of the UK's cultural landscape.


The Challenge:

Drawing thousands of visitors from across the UK, the pavilions were tasked with the formidable goal of withstanding the unpredictable British weather while exuding an unmistakable design sophistication. Their resilience and adaptability were paramount, given the diverse experiences they housed.


The Solution:

Embracing an octagonal form, these structures showcased a masterful blend of flexibility and identity. This geometric design not only allowed each pavilion to shape-shift, catering to a spectrum of experiences but also endowed them with a distinctive and recognizable presence. Crafted from custom-made timber, these pavilions were engineered to withstand the elements, seamlessly combining form and function.


As the Shell Pavilions continue to be an integral part of Make the Future, London, their enduring legacy underscores the harmonious convergence of architectural innovation and experiential design. Their dynamic and versatile nature ensures that each year, visitors are greeted with fresh and inspiring spaces, making them a celebrated addition to the cultural landscape.

Role – Senior 3D Creative

Agency – Imagination

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