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make the future.

Make the Future Live was a four-day festival of energy ideas and innovation held at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London. It attracted over 25,000 visitors from Millenials, schoolchildren to business leaders. It created a platform for open and honest dialogue about the global energy challenge and showcased Shell's role as a future-thinking energy company.

The event had a 2.2km race track, interactive exhibitions on the future of energy, and a student engineering competition. A custom-made million-pound structure was positioned at the heart of the event – with the finishing line and bitumen racing track piercing through the central axis. From there, three colour designated zones were anchored off the core which featured "Live, Work, Play". showcasing inventions from start-ups changing the way we live to future mobility. 

Festival-goers were able to see the best minds from academia, society, and government working together, and walk away with a better understanding of the energy challenges we face. For Shell, it was an ongoing engagement platform, helping them demonstrate their future vision and reach millions online. 

Role – Senior 3D Creative

Creative Director – Jiri Bures

Associate Creative Director – Colin Rivett

Graphic Design – Wes Richardson / Tom Maxwell

Agency - Imagination

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