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make the future.

"Make the Future Live" unfolded as a four-day extravaganza of boundless energy ideas and innovation, casting its vibrant tapestry against the iconic backdrop of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London. This magnetic gathering summoned a diverse assembly of over 25,000 individuals, ranging from Millennials and schoolchildren to the visionary leaders of the corporate world.


At its core, the festival ignited a profound dialogue, delving into the labyrinthine contours of the global energy challenge, while spotlighting Shell's pivotal role as a forward-thinking energy pioneer.

The Architectural Landscape:


Central to the event was a meticulously crafted 2.2-kilometre race track, winding its sinuous path through the expanse, beckoning to the daring and the curious alike. Interactive exhibitions, charting the trajectory of future energy, stood as luminous beacons of insight. At its heart, an architectural marvel—a bespoke million-pound structure—anchored the event. This edifice bore witness to the dynamic ballet of the finishing line and the bitumen racing track, an elegant fusion of form and function.

A Symphony of Zones:


The event unfurled like a symphony, with three color-designated zones radiating from the central core—a triumvirate of "Live, Work, Play." Here, the narrative wove together an exquisite tapestry, showcasing the innovations of startups poised to redefine the human experience, while also illuminating the future of mobility.

A Platform for Collective Insight:

Make the Future Live beckoned festival-goers into the hallowed halls of academia, society, and government, where they could witness the harmonious convergence of brilliant minds at work. A profound understanding of the intricate energy challenges we collectively confront emerged as a tangible souvenir for all who attended. For Shell, it stood as an enduring platform for engagement—an opportunity to unfurl their visionary tapestry and resonate with millions online.

In the architectural and conceptual tapestry of "Make the Future Live," innovation flowed like a river, casting a luminous beacon upon the intricate contours of our energy future. It was a testament to the power of collective wisdom, where dialogue and discovery converged in the heart of London's historic Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Role – Senior 3D Creative

Creative Director – Jiri Bures

Associate Creative Director – Colin Rivett

Graphic Design – Wes Richardson / Tom Maxwell

Agency - Imagination

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