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shell labs.

The Shell Labs emerged as a global convergence point, a harmonious symphony uniting partners in the realms of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics from across the globe. Within its hallowed precincts, people of all ages were welcomed, forging an atmosphere that resonated with the spirit of inclusivity.

A Fusion of Worlds:


Imagine the allure of the Science Museum melding seamlessly with the dynamic pulse of SXSW—a rendezvous of digital and analogue, where past and future found common ground.

Immersive Elegance:


Within this immersive enclave, the contemporary design danced in concert with an intuitive flow. Navigating the space was a seamless endeavor, driven by a bold and sophisticated wayfinding system.

A Delicate Balancing Act:


This architectural marvel was not merely designed to appease adults but also to embrace the spirited curiosity of children, who flocked in numbers. The design epitomized resilience while maintaining an air of weightlessness.

An Ode to the Content:


The overarching ambience of the labs was framed within a black box—an artistic choice that allowed the exhibit itself to take centre stage. Bold graphics and crisp white lines conspired to ensure that the content spoke for itself.

In the realm of Shell Labs, disparate worlds converged to create an immersive, inclusive, and enlightening experience. It was a testament to the art of architectural equilibrium—where contemporary design met timeless wisdom and where education resonated with the spirit of adventure.

Role – Senior 3D Creative

Graphic Design – Tom Maxwell

Agency – Imagination

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