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In the sprawling landscape of technological prowess, there exists a pinnacle of convergence known as GITEX—an annual event of unparalleled magnitude that casts its formidable shadow across the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. In the hallowed halls where the tech luminaries convene, one client stands apart, commanding the spotlight: Red Hat.

The Challenge:


But alas, as global travel restrictions cast their pall, the physical presence of Red Hat was an impossibility. The challenge that loomed largely was how to orchestrate an engagement that transcended the physical realm, rendering the return on investment a worthwhile endeavour.

The Solution:


With a stroke of innovation, "Always Open" was conceived—a virtual sanctum, a bastion of interactivity, an unmanned space pulsating with the essence of Red Hat's brand identity: ever open to new ideas and fresh connections. An orchestration of technology and social signalling beckoned attendees into the captivating narrative of Red Hat's distinctive offerings.

At its heart lay four dynamic experience demo pods, brought to life by the whims of proximity sensors and governed by the subtle art of gesture-based technology. This was a journey where attendees held the reins, navigating through an immersive realm of discovery. Virtual meeting rooms provided a conduit for deeper connections with the client, while the deft interplay of light and sound added a theatrical dimension to the immersive experience.


The Results: In the realm of metrics, "Always Open" stood tall, a testament to its efficacy:

  • 1,245 unique engagements with the interactive demo experiences.

  • 53 hours of enthralling interactions with demo content.

  • An average dwell time on the booth stretched to 24 minutes.

  • 50 virtual meetings conducted at the booth.

  • 250 virtual booth interactions that wove a tapestry of connectivity.

  • An astonishing 722 leads captured, a tally that eclipsed the sum of 2018 and 2019 combined.

In the age where distance dissolves before the power of innovation, Red Hat's triumph through "Always Open" serves as an inspiring ode to the boundless possibilities of technology, rendering geographic boundaries inconsequential in the quest for meaningful engagement.

Role – 3D Lead Creative

Agency – Freeman

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