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powerleague cafe.

The Powerleague underwent a huge rebranding in 2019 and the key challenge was to ensure the brand was unified across all of their centres Nationwide. 

As part of that process, the cafe and bar was part of the scope of work – and the brief was clear; create a hub for the locals, from the lunchtime office-workers to the walking football veterans who gather on a cold Tuesday evening to play the beautiful game at Powerleague. 

The concept was part Rapha cafe, and part Cafe Kick – the space needed to feel like a museum to the beautiful game, mixed with the bedroom of a fanatical fan, and the home to a family in love with football. 

The proposed materials are inspired by the game, from leather and polyester to hard-wearing and honest sub straits like vinyl and wood. Reclaimed furniture and raw concrete would be complimented with flashes of neon.  

Role – 3D Creative Lead

Agency – Douglass / Day

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