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pepsico x dubai expo.

In a grand symphony of flavour and sustainability, PepsiCo, the esteemed official beverage and snack partner of Expo 2020 Dubai, unveils a triumphant trifecta—a trio of pavilions nestled within the heart of the world fair, each harmoniously aligned with Expo's three sub-themes.


The Challenge:


Spanning the sprawling expanse of Expo's Thematic Districts, these pavilions embarked on a captivating journey, each infused with its unique essence. The challenge at hand was nothing short of monumental: to offer a refreshing perspective on Expo 2020's sub-themes of Opportunity, Mobility, and Sustainability. The canvas was vast, calling for an engaging tapestry of experiences, innovations, and discussions.

The Solution:


Each pavilion, a masterpiece in its own right, bore a distinctive signature aesthetic while sharing a common thread—an unwavering commitment to sustainability etched into every facet of their design and construction.

LAYS: The Plus Pavilion, inspired by the iconic flavours of Lay's and Pepsi, beckons visitors into a realm of boundless opportunity and discovery. With experiences steeped in curiosity, it transcends individual horizons, igniting the spark of ambition to create meaningful change.

GATORADE: The Bolt Pavilion, a pulsating celebration of athleticism, invites engagement through interactive games, a recreation of Gatorade's Sports Science Institute, and a gallery showcasing legendary Gatorade-fueled athletes. Here, sport transcends borders, becoming a global force for good, accessible to all who dare to dream.

AQUAFINA: The Drop Pavilion, a colossal water droplet crafted from recyclable cans, stands as a testament to Aquafina and PepsiCo's tireless efforts to safeguard the world's most precious resource—water. From nurturing sustainable practices among global farmers to the intelligent use of water in manufacturing, and a resolute commitment to reducing, recycling, and reinventing packaging, The Drop is a beacon of responsible stewardship.

In the intersection of flavour, innovation, and sustainability, PepsiCo's triumphant pavilions at Expo 2020 Dubai redefine the very essence of experiential design. They not only reflect the core values of the Expo's sub-themes but also resonate as beacons of creativity and sustainability, beckoning visitors into a world of limitless possibilities and enduring impact.

Role – 3D Design Lead

Graphic Design – Sophie Moffat

Agency – INVNT

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