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google allotment.

Come together and explore this creative, innovative, and communal space where Google stories come to life from the ground up.




Show how Google and YouTube support and enable lifelong learning - including but not limited to digital skills and safety programs in the UK.


The same exhibition will be used at two events, with different allocated floor plans – from a square format to a rectangle.




Allotments are communal spaces that provide plots for the community who share utilities from water to fertilisers – this was the perfect analogy that represented Google’s story. 


As a result, this became the conceptual theme / metaphor that transpired the design into a welcoming, fun and ‘Googlefied’ design.


​The modular design was intentionally broken down into separate components as it was required to be relocated to multiple events set in different configurations.



The architectural influence on material, form, and the graphic application was inspired by the concept and subject. The material and detail specification centred around honest and modest touches, from keeping the plywood raw to back-painted OSB boards for graphic placement, to fixings that were left exposed intentionally. 

Role – 3D Creative Lead

Graphic Design – Vanessa Reynolds

Agency – Wonder

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