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google allotment.

Welcome to a realm where the narratives of Google and YouTube transcend the digital realm and materialize into a space that celebrates creativity, innovation, and community—the very essence of Google stories, painstakingly brought to life from the ground up.

The Challenge:


The task at hand was multifaceted—illuminating the vital role played by Google and YouTube in supporting lifelong learning, particularly in the realm of digital skills and safety programs across the UK. A unique challenge emerged—crafting a single exhibition, adaptable to two distinct events, each with its allocated floor plan—morphing from a square canvas to a rectangular tableau.

The Solution:


The answer was found in the humble allotment—an emblem of communal harmony, where plots are nurtured by a shared resource pool, encompassing everything from water to fertilizers. This analogy became the guiding metaphor that infused the design with a welcoming, vibrant, and unmistakably 'Googlefied' character.

The modular design intentionally deconstructed into separate components, bore the hallmark of versatility, destined for relocation across multiple events with varying configurations.

Material Palette:


Every facet of the design paid homage to its conceptual roots. The architectural language, material selection, and graphic application spoke a language of honesty and modesty. Raw plywood met back-painted OSB boards, serving as the canvas for graphic narratives. Fixings, intentionally left exposed, celebrated the tactile honesty of construction.

In the intersection of concept and creation, Google and YouTube's commitment to lifelong learning and community engagement found a physical embodiment—a space that celebrated the spirit of innovation, echoed the voices of creativity, and stood as a testament to the enduring value of communal harmony.

Role – 3D Creative Lead

Graphic Design – Vanessa Reynolds

Agency – Wonder

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