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In the heart of London's bustling metropolis stands an architectural marvel—the illustrious Nike Town, an emblem of sportswear excellence, housing Europe's largest collection of athletic clothing and footwear. This mecca for sports enthusiasts also boasts the honour of being home to the prestigious Nike flagship store.

The Challenge:


The task at hand was nothing short of monumental—translating Nike's dynamic product campaigns into tangible, immersive experiences within the hallowed walls of their flagship store. This called for expert guidance in store planning, structural finesse, and the meticulous selection of materials.

The Solution:


The journey unfolded over six months, a period of profound collaboration and the forging of robust relationships with the client. Beyond the conceptualization of hero campaigns lay the challenge of bringing these visions to life with astounding efficiency. It was a testament to the convergence of creativity and pragmatism.

The Results:


The fruits of this labour manifested in a series of retail campaigns, each meticulously developed and successfully delivered. The Air Force 1, Nike Shox, Nike by You, Givesport, and Cyber-week campaigns materialized from concept to execution, enriching the Nike Town experience.

In the realm of fast-turnaround projects, the absence of professional photographs in this case study is a testament to the speed and dynamism inherent in Nike's endeavours. Instead, sketches, plans, and visuals stand as eloquent references, underscoring the swift evolution of ideas into reality within the Nike Town's architectural embrace.

Role – 3D Creative Lead

Agency – Wonder

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