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ibm ix cabana.

In the realm of technological prowess, IBM IX emerges as a beacon—an embodiment of IBM's supercomputer, a fusion of artificial intelligence (AI) and sophisticated analytical software, heralding a new era in computational capabilities.

The Challenge:


The task at hand was nothing short of visionary—introducing IBM's creative and design division to the world's foremost creative minds and marketers at the esteemed Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

The Solution:


Against the backdrop of sun-kissed beaches, a pop-up experience took shape—an ideal milieu for IBM iX to flourish. The ambience was further amplified through an array of digital and out-of-home communications, including a captivating digital screen animation gracing the main Palais entrance.

Material Palette:


The material palette painted a vivid tapestry—a marriage of vibrant greens, light-washed beech woods, and bold oversized graphics that wove a narrative connecting every element. The result was a space that exuded lightness and openness, providing the perfect stage for IBM iX's grand debut at the Cannes Lions Festival.

Concept Evolution:


The beach cabana concept unfurled with a surfer's finesse, drawing inspiration from the art of "catching the wave." This revered technique, admired by many but mastered by few, found its artistic expression in the cabana's oversized and bold graphics, extracted from the brand's lock-up. Waves, both literal and metaphorical, sliced through furniture and walls, guiding space planning and guest flow.

In the intersection of technology and creativity, the presence of IBM iX at the Cannes Lions Festival resonates as a harmonious fusion—a celebration of inspirational minds, innovative experiences, and boundless creative ideas. It is a space where the language of technology converges with the poetry of design, a testament to the values of inspiration, innovation, and creative prowess.

Role – 3D Creative Lead

Graphic Design – Tom Statham

Agency – George P Johnson

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