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hasbro metaverse.

In the enchanting realm of entertainment and play, Hasbro (NASDAQ: HAS) stands as a global luminary, steadfast in its mission to create a brighter world for children, fans, and families alike. A master of immersive brand experiences, Hasbro weaves its magic across the globe, wielding consumer products, entertainment ventures via eOne—an independent studio of distinction—and the gaming prowess epitomized by Wizards of the Coast. This distinguished developer, celebrated for iconic fantasy franchises like MAGIC: THE GATHERING and DUNGEONS & DRAGONS, takes the helm in the world of tabletop and digital games.

The Challenge:


The winds of change, brought forth by a global pandemic, have cast a veil of complexity upon the act of bringing people together from diverse corners of the world, into the confines of a single room.

The Solution:


In response to this challenge, Hasbro unveiled a breathtaking innovation—an entrancing Hasbro Metaverse. This digital fête invites the global audience to immerse themselves in a realm where imagination knows no bounds. Attendees, through the lens of this virtual universe, are empowered to craft and customize their own avatars, embarking on a journey through the sprawling expanse of Hasbro's enchanting universe.

Within this Metaverse, doors swing open to portals that beckon explorers into dimensions beyond their wildest dreams. A cornucopia of over 1,500 brands, from the beloved Play-Doh to the venerable Monopoly, unfolds before their virtual gaze—an unparalleled portfolio that ensures Hasbro remains a lodestar for loyal customers and the standard-bearer for innovation in the realm of play and entertainment.

In the age where technology intersects with imagination, Hasbro's Metaverse emerges as an extraordinary testament to innovation and adaptability. It not only transcends the boundaries imposed by the world's current state but also reimagines the very concept of brand engagement, ushering in a new era of wonder and delight for fans, both young and young at heart.

Role – 3D Lead Creative

Agency – INVNT

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