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google next.

In the illustrious halls of London's ExCeL in 2018, the grand stage was set for the UK's most eminent and widely attended technological spectacle—the Google Cloud Next event.

The Nexus of Transformation:


In an era where technology-fueled metamorphosis takes centre stage in boardrooms across diverse industries, this event emerged as the vanguard. It served as the premier platform for the convergence of technologists, business luminaries, and seasoned managers, offering a conduit to the world of experts, solutions, and services poised to catalyze the journey of digital transformation.

The Google Aesthetic:


The architectural canvas bore the distinctive signature of Google—a 'Google-fied' tableau characterized by elemental forms and the vibrant hues of primary colours, woven into the very fabric of the space.

Urban Microcosms:


Within this multifaceted realm, microcosms akin to miniature cities materialized, beckoning guests on journeys of their own. From a scaled-down rendition of London to bustling technological hubs, verdant parks, and even Google's unique interpretation of a traditional English pub—each enclave offered a distinct experience.

The Google Cloud Next event at ExCeL in London was not merely a gathering; it was an immersion into the future, a vibrant tapestry where innovation intersected with tradition, and where the architecture itself bore the imprints of a digital age.

Role – Senior 3D Creative

Creative Director – Chris Helliwell

Graphic Design – Tom Statham

Agency – Wonder

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