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fred perry x beams.

Fred Perry x BEAMS: A Fusion of Heritage and Street Style

In a captivating rendezvous of heritage and street style, Fred Perry and BEAMS come together once more to unveil their Spring 2020 collection.


This exceptional collaboration transcends borders, with the collection poised to make its debut in over 80 countries. From the hallowed halls of Fred Perry flagship stores to selected establishments around the world, the fashion world eagerly awaits this global capsule collection.

A Curated Showcase of Style

The challenge at hand was to curate an immersive showcase that would do justice to this global capsule collection. The proposal, meticulously crafted, draws inspiration from the essence of both brands. BEAMS, synonymous with the vibrant streets of Tokyo's Harajuku district, converges seamlessly with Fred Perry's storied history, intertwined with tennis legend and Wimbledon champion, Fred Perry himself.

A Ceiling of Tennis Dreams

A striking ceiling feature steals the spotlight, mirroring the iconic colours of a tennis court—shades of blue, orange, and green. The chosen material, a clever nod to the sport, consists of netting, a symbol of the divide that separates greatness from the ordinary. Suspended above, a mesmerizing sea of braided net cords frames the catwalk below, casting an aura of sporty sophistication.

A Fusion of Logos and Culture

The application of this concept draws from the captivating fusion of logos, mirroring the latest collection's motif. It's a reflection of Japanese culture and artistry, a fashion-forward interpretation of the timeless fly-poster. A collage unfolds, capturing the rich histories of both brands in a single snapshot—a visual narrative of tradition and contemporary street style.

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