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A Grand Celebration of Football at London's Olympic Legacy Site

In a remarkable tribute to women's football, futsal, and grassroots soccer, a four-day football extravaganza recently graced the historic grounds of London's 2012 Olympic legacy site, The International Quarter in Stratford City. Nestled near the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, this free event captivated audiences of all ages with an array of family-friendly activities.

A Challenge of Space and Substance

With a sprawling 12,000-square-meter canvas at our disposal, the challenge was to not only showcase Ford's commitment to grassroots football but also embrace the spirit of East London. Our mission was clear: to foster a sense of community and elevate local talent, much like the budding careers of footballers in their early stages.

A Unique Architectural Canvas

Drawing inspiration from the vibrant locale, we transformed the landscape using branded and stacked shipping containers. This innovative architectural choice not only provided a striking visual but also created geometric vistas that invited attendees to explore the diverse activities on display.

A Showcase of Local Talent

Just as grassroots football serves as a launchpad for future stars, we offered local talents and artists a platform to exhibit their skills and creativity. From a dedicated skatepark that embraced the spirit of adventure to a thrilling stunt-driving area where enthusiasts could flaunt their drifting prowess in Ford vehicles, the event showcased the essence of East London's dynamism.

In this engaging celebration of sport and community, the Olympic legacy site was reborn as a testament to the power of grassroots football, highlighting Ford's partnership with these budding talents.

Role – 3D Lead Creative

Agency – Imagination

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