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The European Debut of the Ford Mustang: A Grand Finale in Style

In the year 2014, Europe witnessed the arrival of a motoring legend, the Ford Mustang, a momentous occasion that coincided with the culmination of Ford's illustrious 21-year partnership with the UEFA Champions League.

Crafting a Grand Narrative

The challenge was set—to introduce the European market to the iconic Ford Mustang and to seamlessly weave this momentous launch into Ford's ongoing #90Minutes campaign during the UEFA Champions League Final. A narrative was conceived, one that would not only capture the essence of the Mustang but also ignite the curiosity of the public.

The Mustang's Dramatic Concealment

In a stroke of creative brilliance, it was decided to unveil the Mustang in a manner that would leave an indelible mark on all who witnessed it. A fully branded geodesic dome was erected, its striking presence visible even from the skies above. As anticipation built, a queue formed, snaking around the dome, with people eagerly waiting for up to an hour for their chance to glimpse this automotive masterpiece.

A Multi-Sensory Revelation

For those fortunate enough to step inside, an immersive journey awaited. As the wind rustled through their hair, a synchronized play of light and 3D audio immersed them in a sensory symphony. Then, in a carefully choreographed revelation, the Mustang was unveiled in all its glory—bathed in exquisite lighting, poised for the perfect selfies and photographs.

A Resounding Success

The results spoke volumes of the campaign's triumph. Social media buzzed with excitement, reaching a staggering 17.2 million, while engagement minutes soared to an impressive 12 million. Live content during the UEFA Champions League Final generated over 2000 retweets, and all 500 allocated Ford Mustangs were claimed within a mere 30 seconds.

A Legacy of Innovation

In this finely crafted fusion of automotive legend and immersive storytelling, Ford carved out an enduring legacy, one where innovation met spectacle, and the Ford Mustang found its place in the hearts of European enthusiasts. It was a grand finale befitting the iconic journey of Ford and the UEFA Champions League.

Role – 3D Lead Creative

Agency – Imagination

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