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ford champions league.

The highly anticipated Ford Mustang was finally launched in the European market in 2014, the year that marked the end of a very successful and fruitful 21-year partnership between Ford and the UEFA Champions League.


Increase awareness of the Ford Mustang European launch and amplify Ford’s #90Minutes campaign during the UCL Final in order to drive click-throughs to a pre-sale page.


Through insight, it showed the general public has never seen a Ford Mustang up close and personal before. So, we thought – let's bring it to them but make it a memorable one! 

The Ford Mustang was concealed out of sight inside a fully branded geodesic dome that could literally be seen from the sky. People queued up for up to an hour to just get a glimpse of the rapid vehicle. 

To make it memorable to the lucky ones who witnessed the first European Mustang, we made the whole experience entirely immersive, and simply thrilling. It all started with the wind blowing in their face, followed by an in-sync light performance complimented by 3D audio sound and lastly, the car was revealed in a beautifully lit state for the guests to take their selfies and the best angles of the rotating Mustang.



Social exposure:17.2M

Engagement minutes:12M

Retweets for real-time imagery: 2000+

  • All 500 allocated Ford Mustangs sold within the first 30 seconds of the Final

  • 40% of all #FordMustang and #90Minutes social mentions driven by Snack Media live content in key European markets

Role – 3D Lead Creative

Agency – Imagination

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