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ford retail.

In 2013, Ford finally decided to revamp their dated and lackluster

dealerships across Europe. I worked on their new look and feel

for its retail areas across its dealerships, focusing on their flagship

retail, Essex Autogroup’s Basildon dealership.

Ford has moved from being a multi-brand company worldwide, with brands such as Land Rover and Jaguar, to focusing on just one Brand, the Blue Oval. The company slogan is ‘Go Further’, and the new style showcases this to customers within every dealership.

The new-look is scalable for small medium and large dealerships and includes a bright orange ‘Hello’ welcome desk, relaxation areas with iPads and sofas, a large display for brochures, colours and materials, a section called ‘Test Drive’ where models are displayed and finally and ‘Thank you’ area outside, where handovers take place.

Role – Senior 3D Creative

Agency – Imagination

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