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foot locker.

Paris, is a city where basketball has been brought back to its roots. Each neighbourhood competes to hold court over the others, pushing the game forward with every crossover and dunk. The suburbs ballers coming into the city with their different style of game, rivalries between arrondissements being battled out. It is competition at its best, where all teams believe the grind of the game makes them better, sharpening their skills.

The 10th arrondissement is the heartbeat of Paris Basketball, hosting one of the best streetball tournaments in the world, Quai 54. The 10th is a blend of different styles of ball skills with flare.




A commercially driven idea for Foot Locker at the NBA Paris Game 2021 to activate across four touchpoints that empowers and inspires community progress is an authentic expression of hype and reinforces Foot Locker as the home of basketball. 




A suite of brand experience pop-ups were created and populated around Paris, from stadium merch stores to Foot Locker store pop-ups, to NBA house immersive experiences. 

A tactile and consistent red thread flowed through the designs in keeping with the brand and the subject.

Role – 3D Creative

Agency – Wasserman

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