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amazon ignite.

In a global convergence of cloud aficionados, Amazon Ignite emerges as a captivating symposium, where cloud enthusiasts from every corner of the world congregate to immerse themselves in the latest groundbreaking innovations of the cloud industry. Here, they engage with AWS luminaries, partake in spirited revelry, and cultivate meaningful connections, all while rapidly acquiring skills and expertise that would otherwise require weeks or months to attain within the confines of their abodes.

The Challenge at Hand:

The orchestration of a spectacular event on two different continents, London and Las Vegas, beckoned us to venture into uncharted terrain, breathing life into venues that had hitherto remained untouched. All of this, mind you, under the pressure of an unforgiving deadline.

The Masterstroke:

Drawing inspiration from the ceaseless joy Amazon's service providers bestow upon us each day—solving problems, creating indelible moments, and impacting lives far and wide—we undertook the audacious task of weaving this essence into our event's aesthetic. Our design philosophy embraced an eclectic tapestry of installations, each distinct in its form and dimensions, collectively weaving a captivating motif that defined the essence of the entire event. This vibrant branding seamlessly permeated through every facet of the venue, from the grandeur of venue dressing to the fluidity of wayfinding.

The Crowning Achievement:

With precision and flair, we succeeded in breathing life into every facet of the brief, fostering an audience that was not just engaged, but thoroughly enthralled. Beyond a successful event, we orchestrated an immersive experience that ingeniously transformed the venue, courtesy of numerous activations and space takeovers. And as we set our sights on the future, we're poised to elevate this spectacle to even grander heights, promising an event that is, unequivocally, bigger and better than ever before.

Role – Global 3D Creative Lead

Agency – INVNT

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