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pepsi premium toolkit.

Pepsi Premium: Where Tradition Meets Innovation

Within the dynamic landscape of beverage brands, Pepsi Premium emerges as an exciting and novel offering. It draws its inspiration from the rich tapestry of Pepsi's heritage, seamlessly blending elements of future-focused opulence, vibrancy, and perpetual motion. Central to this endeavour is the unapologetic celebration of premium quality.

The Challenge:


To bring this vision to life, the task at hand was to conceive three distinct conceptual realms, capable of accommodating diverse scales—from intimate settings to grand spectacles—while adhering to a shared architectural framework. This dual purpose aimed not only to reduce the carbon footprint but also to facilitate efficient transportation as the toolkit embarked on a global tour.

The Solution:


The answer lay in a revolutionary toolkit, underpinned by a modular and adaptable structural frame, serving as the foundational blueprint for all three concepts. This ingenious approach allowed for a seamless plug-and-play experience, where the surface elements, regionally adaptable, could be effortlessly interchanged to craft the desired ambience of the Pepsi Premium experience.

This innovative toolkit, a testament to the marriage of tradition and innovation, offers a glimpse into the dynamic future of Pepsi Premium, where each setting, whether small or grand, echoes the brand's spirit of decadence, vibrancy, and perpetual movement. As it journeys across continents, it stands as a beacon of lightweight and transportable design excellence, ensuring that the premium essence of Pepsi transcends boundaries, enriching every corner of the globe.

Role – 3D Design Director

Graphic Design – Chris Pullinger

Agency – INVNT

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