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xerocon 2023.

In the realm of global gatherings, Xerocon emerged as a symphony of innovation, with its 18 captivating activations and a tapestry of over 60 educational sessions across 12 stages, all artfully woven around the theme of "Fresh Perspectives."

The Challenge:


Spanning three continents—London, New Orleans, and Sydney—a formidable mission unfurled: to weave a seamless, harmonious tapestry of experiences that transcended geographical boundaries. Herein lay the challenge—to craft a singular vision, unified in its visual aesthetic, resonant in its tone of voice, and compelling in its feel, all while navigating the diverse terrain of budgetary constraints.

The Solution:

Enter the virtuosos at INVNT, architects of experiential wonder. Their canvas stretched across continents, each city brought to life through a meticulously choreographed ballet of activations. Traditional barber shops coexisted with "silent disco style" breakout sessions, while immersive open-air cinemas and lively pop-up jazz bands summoned the spirits of community and connection. These spaces became hallowed grounds, arenas where the Xero community convened, learned and rallied around a shared mission.

In a nod to sustainability, Xerocon unveiled its commitment to innovation, harnessing the pioneering Re-board® Technology to set a global standard for eco-conscious exposition. The results were nothing short of astonishing—a reduction of 20.46 tonnes in carbon emissions when compared to conventional MDF cardboard usage. This equates to saving the atmosphere from the impact of 7.44 flights between Sydney and Melbourne or powering the average Australian home for an astounding 1023 days.

The Results:


Xerocon's impact extended far beyond the confines of its event spaces, resonating in the world of finance. On the day of the London Xerocon event, share prices witnessed an upswing, soaring from 80AUD to 92AUD. A testament to the enduring power of in-person gatherings, Xerocon redefined post-pandemic engagement, casting a ripple effect that reached the very heart of the financial landscape.

Role – Global 3D Design Lead

Agency – INVNT

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