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Unfold Your World

Samsung opened the doors to a brand-new experience space in NYC and London, at the same time, filled with immersive adventures for its latest devices.


Deliver two events simultaneously (NYC and LDN) that launch at the same time and must have the same brand experience and identity.

One of the venues (55 Regent Street) needed to be reskinned before the design process could even begin. This all needed to be achieved in under seven weeks from winning the pitch.


Working closely with the Samsung brand team – we developed a 3-dimensional brand toolkit that the event would align to, en- suring both sites had a consistent look and feel. As time played a huge factor in the design, I personally undertook the role of over- seeing the master plan site for Regent Street (the more complex venue) and all conversations with AV, client, graphic and brand, structural engineers and project management came through me. This approach limited room for error, and as such, we successfully delivered two events on August 11th 2022.

Role – 3D Design Director

Executive Creative Director – Neil Mason

Agency – INVNT

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