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Unfold Your World

In a remarkable dual unveiling spanning two iconic metropolises, Samsung introduced a captivating realm of sensory delight in the heart of New York City and London, fashioning immersive odysseys designed to showcase their latest technological marvels.

The Challenge:


To orchestrate an extraordinary spectacle, one that would unfold in tandem in both the bustling streets of NYC and the vibrant tapestry of London, was the Herculean task set before the creative minds at Samsung. Notably, the venue at 55 Regent Street presented a particularly daunting prospect, requiring a complete overhaul before the canvas of design could be unfurled. A mere seven weeks separated the moment of triumph in the pitch room from the grand reveal.


The Solution:


In a harmonious collaboration with Samsung's discerning brand custodians, a visionary 3-dimensional brand toolkit was meticulously crafted, serving as the compass that would guide both venues toward a unified aesthetic journey. The relentless march of time placed paramount importance on efficiency, leading to a strategic decision: the oversight of the Regent Street transformation would rest in the capable hands of our master planner, ensuring a seamless symphony of coordination with AV experts, clients, graphic and brand artisans, structural engineers, and project management luminaries.


This meticulous approach left no room for error, culminating in the triumph of delivering two groundbreaking events on the fateful day of August 11, 2022.

In a world where technology and design converge, Samsung's audacious endeavour proved triumphant, transforming bustling urban landscapes into immersive showcases of innovation and imagination. The simultaneous unveiling in New York and London not only met but exceeded the challenge posed, leaving indelible imprints in the annals of experiential design.

Role – 3D Design Director

Executive Creative Director – Neil Mason

Agency – INVNT

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