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The 'Think Installation' emerged as a resounding triumph within the Cisco event in Barcelona—an embodiment of spatial ingenuity designed to ignite compelling dialogues among event attendees.

Conceptual Brilliance:


This conceptual spatial installation was thoughtfully positioned in strategic locations, beckoning visitors to partake in engaging conversations or simply bask in moments of reinvigoration.

An Oasis of Recharge:


Amid the bustling ambience, smart recharge points discreetly catered to the needs of attendees, offering a reprieve for their devices. Moreover, the immersive sound shower, reminiscent of gentle rain, cocooned visitors in a soothing embrace, evoking a sense of security and serenity.

A Luminous Aura: A permeable fabric skin, meticulously woven into the scrim, infused the installation with an ethereal luminosity. Soft, diffused light spilt forth, casting a mesmerizing halo effect that gracefully announced its presence from afar.

In the midst of the Cisco event's dynamism, the 'Think Installation' stood as an oasis of contemplation, a sanctuary for recharging both devices and spirits. It was an architectural testament to the power of design to facilitate discourse and offer respite within a bustling environment.

Role – 3D Creative Lead

Agency – George P Johnson

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