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In the realm of technological revelation, Cisco Live emerges as a beacon—an annual pilgrimage for the ardent Cisco enthusiasts, a congregation of 20,000 eager minds seeking the latest insights and strategic direction from senior executives. This immersive symposium unfurls over a week of relentless exploration, boasting a repertoire of over 700 technical education sessions.


The Challenge:


The mission at hand was multifaceted: to inspire, engage, and educate the attendees—to transform them into an ever-loyal community of brand evangelists.

The Solution:


Here, the art of creating memories takes centre stage. A strategic foundation was meticulously laid, designed to orchestrate moments that would resonate at precisely the right junctures. The event, akin to a labyrinthine journey, exuded a sense of discovery at every turn.

Concept Planning: The venue chosen for this year's Cisco Live presented its own set of challenges—a virgin canvas for Cisco's visionary expedition. The master planning, a symphony of user experience, unfurled methodically across 80,000 square meters of untapped potential. Mapping the space involved a precise choreography of delegates' trajectories, an intricate dance that informed the very architecture, design, and way-finding strategies.

The Result:


The culmination of these efforts was nothing short of breathtaking. The event transformed into an interactive domain, where every step became a personal exploration, akin to a gallery of technological wonders. It was a revelation, a testament to the fusion of creativity and precision on a grand scale—a symphony of exploration and interaction, unlike any other, in the storied history of Cisco Live.

Role – Senior 3D Lead Creative

Creative Director – Trin Basra

Graphic Design – Tom Statham

Agency – George P Johnson

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