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Cisco Live is the premier network technology brand’s 

primary customer education and loyalty event. Every year, some 20,000 Cisco enthusiasts gather to get the latest and Cisco’s strategic direction from senior executives and to dig deeply into Cisco technology at some of the over 700 technical education sessions offered during an action-packed week.




Inspire, engage and educate the attendees – transform them into a community of brand evangelists.




Creating memories. The strategic approach and planning ensured the design foundation was crafted to create moments at the right time. The event was filled with a sense of discovery.


The unexpected districts, fluid layouts and themed neighbourhoods brought delegates a sense of surprise and delight.



The selected venue was the first time Cisco exhibited there, this simply just added to the numerous challenges faced. 


The master planning of the site needed to really work on the user experience and thus strategic planning was key to the process of filling a blank canvas of 80,000sqm of usable space. 

The mapping of the space evolved by pre-determining and recording the trajectory of all delegates who would attend Cisco.


The results informed the space, design, architecture, way-finding, and - more importantly - it allowed us to methodically pinpoint the hero areas within the event.


The highlighted areas allowed us to capture key customer moments at the right time and at the right place - through an engaging and interactive domain.



The discovery aspect and way of exploration for delegates provided them with a more personal, almost gallery-like interaction and experience. This was unheard of in past events due to the sheer scale and a huge volume of content that needed to be filled. 

Role – Senior 3D Lead Creative

Creative Director – Trin Basra

Graphic Design – Tom Statham

Agency – George P Johnson

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