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In the heart of Paris, within the prestigious walls of Le Bon Marché, a transcendent concept was conceived—a homage to the venerable Mid-Autumn Festival, steeped in tradition dating back over 3000 years.


The venerated Maison, Celine, embarked on a journey to encapsulate this timeless celebration, encapsulating it in the form of a mooncake patisserie, a delectable offering available for discerning patrons before or after their sojourn in the Celine concession store.


The Challenge:


To encapsulate the essence of the Mid-Autumn Festival within the confines of a retail space posed a unique challenge—a harmonious fusion of culture and commerce, tradition and modernity.

The Solution:


The resulting vision was nothing short of breathtaking—a multifaceted space, part tea house, part museum, and part café. Glass globes suspended like celestial orbs above, mirroring the Chinese lanterns that grace the festival's nights. An overhead mirror plane conjured the illusion of an infinite sea of lanterns, a captivating play of reflections.

To maintain an uncluttered ambience within the proximate context, the decor was artfully restrained, with a select few floor-standing elements. A central community table anchored the space, flanked by two mooncake servery points, strategically placed to diminish queues and enhance flow.

Material Palette:


Materials, meticulously selected, became the tactile embodiment of this sensory journey. Thick slabs of granite, marble, and polished concrete formed the foundation of the display fixtures, their sturdiness contrasting with the delicacy of the mooncakes. Clothing items found their perch on sleek black powder-coated railings, accentuated by the subtle glow of LED lighting. Texture met luxury in the form of grey, suede-like rugs and seats—an indulgence for the senses.

In the realm of immersive experiences, Celine's 2019 autumn promotional in-store campaign at Le Bon Marché stands as a masterpiece—a harmonious blend of culture and commerce, tradition and innovation. It encapsulates the essence of the Mid-Autumn Festival, resonating as a testament to Celine's commitment to transcending boundaries and crafting immersive narratives within their architectural realm.

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