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Concepts were drawn up for Celine’s 2019 autumn promotional in-store campaign at Le Bon Marhé, Paris. 




Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival via a 3000-year delicacy; Celine packaged mooncake patisserie. These could be purchased prior to/after customers visit the existing Celine concession store. 




The concept was a part tea house, part museum, and part cafe. Pendants suspended above the space consist of glass globes that represented the hanging Chinese lanterns during the festival. An overhead mirror plane created the illusion of an endless sea of lanterns. 


To keep the store from appearing cluttered due to its proximity in the context –  the decor was restricted to a few key floor standing items. A central community table anchored the space, whilst two mooncake servery points flanked either side to reduce queues. 



Thick slabs of granite, marble, and polished concrete make up the display fixtures whilst clothing items were hung on hung black powder-coated railings with a flash of lit LED. Further textural detail is added by grey, suede-like rugs, and seats. 

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