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axel arigato.

Founded in Sweden in 2013 by Albin Johansson and Mark

Svarvdh, Axel Arigato has been built on contemporary fashion

injected with counter-cultural references. None other than Japanese,

with Arigato meaning “Thankyou” in English.


A pop-up event at the B1 Victoria Basement House in Bloomsbury

Square was requested for the launch of the up and coming

range from the contemporary fashion brand, Axel Arigato.


The Axel Arigato Gallery would be a temporary space that

celebrated art – with a few key pieces on display – as well as

the full range of products for men and women.

Typically, the brand’s style is quite neutral with vibrant pops of

colour which has been replicated in the creative proposal. The

design is luxurious and minimal yet the lighting, colour and materiality add much-needed contrast.

A series of immersion rooms fully lit in a wash of unexpected

colour – adds much mystery and intrigue. The mixture of

a sound shower and scented mist takes the guest back to the

brand’s routes in Japan. Within each room will be a selection of

the rarest products and a selection of historic Japanese commodities

on display.

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