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axel arigato.

In the vibrant landscape of contemporary fashion, Axel Arigato emerges as a luminary, founded in 2013 by the visionary duo of Albin Johansson and Mark Svarvdh in Sweden. This brand's essence is a harmonious fusion of modernity and counter-cultural allure, with its very name, "Arigato," echoing gratitude in the mellifluous tones of Japanese.

The Challenge:


Amidst the storied streets of Bloomsbury Square, the stage was set—a pop-up event was beckoning, poised to unveil the latest opus from the avant-garde fashion house, Axel Arigato.

The Solution:


And so, the Axel Arigato Gallery was conceived—a temporal oasis that paid homage to the artistry that defines the brand. Amidst its hallowed confines, art coalesced with fashion, where select masterpieces stood in silent dialogue with an array of products tailored for both men and women.

The brand's signature aesthetic, characterized by a palette of subtle neutrality punctuated by vibrant splashes of colour, found its reflection in this creative proposal. The design, an embodiment of luxury and minimalism, invited contemplation, while the interplay of lighting, colour, and materiality introduced a captivating contrast.

A series of immersion rooms, bathed in unexpected hues of colour, unfolded as enigmatic realms, stirring curiosity and intrigue. The sensory experience was elevated by a symphony of sound showers and fragrant mists, harkening back to the brand's Japanese roots. Within these chambers, the rarest products found their place alongside an array of historic Japanese treasures, weaving a narrative that transcended time and culture.

In the architectural tapestry of Axel Arigato's pop-up event at the B1 Victoria Basement House, Bloomsbury Square, art and fashion converged—a testament to the brand's commitment to innovation, cultural appreciation, and a captivating narrative that unfolds within its hallowed walls.

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