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The Pearl GTL Plant: A Monument of Innovation

Standing as a testament to human ingenuity, the Pearl GTL plant is the crown jewel of gas-to-liquids facilities worldwide.

A Showcase of Pioneering Excellence

The challenge at hand was to craft an interactive asset that would unveil the grandeur of the Pearl GTL plant. As this endeavour unfolded, it became clear that the audience for this model would be diverse, each with their unique needs and motivations. This realization spurred the creation of a multi-layered experiential platform, meticulously tailored to cater to every type of visitor.

A Fusion of Art and Technology

The heart of this innovative design revolved around an AR-activated 3D model, meticulously brought to life within the hallowed halls of the Qatar Shell Research and Technology Center. This centrepiece was a masterpiece, encompassing six expansive 46" LED screens, accompanied by eight detachable tablets. At its core lay a scaled 3D acrylic model of the Pearl GTL plant, all elegantly ensconced within a Corian countertop, delicately poised on white steel powder-coated legs.

A Vision of Levitation

The resulting effect was nothing short of remarkable. With the model seemingly floating above the ground, it forged an immediate and intimate connection between the observer and the intricate world of the GTL plant. It became a visual marvel—a testament to innovation, precision, and the boundless capabilities of human engineering.

A Commemoration of Excellence

In sum, this immersive experience was a fitting tribute to the Pearl GTL plant's unrivalled stature in the world of gas-to-liquid facilities. It not only educated but also celebrated the marvels of modern engineering and the relentless pursuit of progress.

Role – Senior 3D Creative

Agency – Imagination

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