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ar table.

The Pearl GTL plant is the largest gas to liquids plant in the World.

The challenge was to develop an interactive asset that would showcase Pearl.

As part of the development phase, it was identified that there would be a number of different users of the model, each with their own needs and motivations. It was identified that the need to create a multi-layer experience platform that could be tailored towards each type of audience would be needed.

Therefore, the design objective was to bring this AR activated 3D model to life at the Qatar Shell Research and Technology Center. The core of the design consisted of 6 x 46" LED screens, 8 detachable tablets, a scaled 3D acrylic model of the plant which was all housed within a Corian countertop, that sat on top of white steel powder coated legs.

This gave the impression of the model floating and ensured the visual connection was with the experience and interaction of the GTL plant.

Role – Senior 3D Creative

Agency – Imagination

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